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Since 2002, Kiwis for Kiwi has allocated over $8M in conservation funding from The Kiwi Trust to help save kiwi in New Zealand. If your community group works towards saving kiwi, you could be eligible for kiwi conservation funding from The Kiwi Trust, so apply for a grant today.

Where does Kiwis for kiwi funding come from?

At Kiwis for kiwi, our number one priority is to keep supporting the huge amount of kiwi conservation underway in New Zealand by funding projects through the money we make from donations and sponsorships to The Kiwi Trust. Find out more about our Sponsors, or make a Donation online today.

Who can apply for kiwi conservation funding?

All community-based kiwi conservation groups, universities and recognised research facilities can apply for funding from The Kiwi Trust, as long as they meet our terms and conditions.

Is your group eligible for a kiwi conservation grant?

Find out whether the conservation work your group does meets Kiwis for kiwi funding criteria.

How to apply for kiwi conservation funding

Read a brief introduction on how to apply for Kiwis for kiwi funding.

Applications open each year on the 1st March, and close on 5th April. The funding period is from 1st July through to 30th June of the following year. All work must be completed during this time. Invoices before the funding year starts and after it has closed will not be accepted.

Applications are assessed by the Kiwi Recovery Group, which makes recommendations to The Kiwi Trust trustees. Trustees approve the final allocations, and these are announced in late June each year.

Why we fund the work we do

Kiwis for kiwi have some guiding purposes and priorities for the work we fund.

2020/21 funding allocations

In July 2020, The Kiwi Trust announced it was allocating more than $600,000 to kiwi projects for the 2020/21 year.

Since 2002, more than $8.9 million New Zealand dollars have been allocated to community projects and research.

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2020/2021 Allocations »

Kiwis for kiwi is proud to have allocated more than $600,000 to community-led and Māori-led kiwi protection projects across Aotearoa this year

How to Apply for Funding - teaser image

How to Apply for Funding »

If you are part of a kiwi conservation group and would like to find out how to apply for funding.

Funding Purposes and Priorities - teaser image

Funding Purposes and Priorities »

Kiwis for kiwi primary purpose is the distribution of income from its trust fund to support kiwi conservation.

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Funding Criteria »

Criteria and funding cycle for Kiwis for kiwi grants

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Terms and conditions »

Successful funding applicants agree to report on how the Trust’s money is being used.