This November 11th we will be bringing the "rumble to the capital" with the Fight for Kiwi.

2016 Fight for Kiwi - Header Image

This year our brave boxers have been split into two teams, they will be competing against each other not only in the ring but also in the fundraising stakes. With all money raised going to support kiwi conservation, helping to keep our national icon safe.

We will be keeping this page updated with the latest fundraising results every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So you can see how your team is going and where you stand in the individual stakes.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone taking part in the Fight for Kiwi


Red Team

Fundraiser Fundraising Page Total Raised
Steven Hogg View $2952.07
Sarah O'Sullivan View $1657.70
Matt West View $1519.39
Charlotte Daly View $1505.60
Chris Garlick View $993.85
Devin Glover View $986.95
Kyle Payne and Mark Hands View $1763.70
Jack Casey-Potter View $724.00
Roberta Hurunui View $516.25
Total $12,629.51

Blue Team

Fundraiser Fundraising Page Total Raised
Brayden Whale View $2127.33
Andy Cleave View $2001.25
Chelsea Wintle View $2000
Guy Waipara View $1916.60
Rob Lee View $1891.55
Abbie Bull View $1735.74
Matt Mullins View $1295.12
Uaea Gloria Apu'ula View $869.60
Lucy Barry View $872.05
Peniamina Tonise View $596
Christoffer Nystrom View $502
Ben Broughton View $435.20
Total $16,242.44