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Kiwis for kiwi - Annual Report

We are proud to share with you our annual report of achievements in the past year, and thank all of you who support this great work.

We’re making progress, we’re learning a lot, we’re becoming more effective, more and more New Zealanders are getting involved, but more needs to be done – we are still losing kiwi. The scale of the task is such that we need ongoing support from individuals, from the broader community and from corporate New Zealand.

If you would like any further information about Kiwis for kiwi or how you can support, please contact us at

Kiwis for kiwi annual report 2016/2017 (PDF 6 MB).

Kiwis for kiwi annual report 2015/2016 (PDF 2.9MB).

Kiwis for kiwi annual report 2014/2015 (PDF 3.7MB).

Kiwis for kiwi annual report for 2013 (PDF 2.2MB).