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Kiwis for kiwi - Our Patron

At home and abroad, New Zealanders are proud to be Kiwis. Our national bird defines our national identity and international image. It touches the hearts and minds of all New Zealanders.

The role of the Trust is to raise money to ensure the kiwi survives and thrives. The money provides support for the many conservation organisations and community groups dedicated to increasing kiwi numbers, protecting precious bird populations from predators and restoring the health of their natural environment.

This is important work for New Zealand, and I commend the work of the Trust to you and hope you will give it all the support you can. In recent years I have seen and felt the full force of how deeply New Zealanders value their national identity, particularly on the sports field. This campaign to save the kiwi must touch the same chords of national pride, because

New Zealand without kiwi is unimaginable.

“Kiwis for kiwi” – the catch cry of the trust – says it all. I hope you will join us.

Sir Graham Henry KNZM