There are three full-time staff that keep the office running smoothly, plus five part-time contractors with specific roles to support specific regions or focus areas within kiwi recovery.

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Michelle Impey - teaser image

Michelle Impey »

Executive director of The Kiwi Trust and member of Kiwi Recovery Group Michelle Impey, is proud to be helping save the national icon of her adopted home.

John Bissell - teaser image

John Bissell »

John Bissell is the Kiwis for kiwi National Predator Advisor and works predominantly with large-scale predator control projects that Kiwis for kiwi is funding through Jobs for Nature funding.

Erin Reilly - teaser image

Erin Reilly »

Communications Manager Erin Reilly proudly shares stories about the wider Kiwis for kiwi whānau efforts to take kiwi from endangered to everywhere.

Stasia Wharepouri - teaser image

Stasia Wharepouri »

He uri tēnei nō Te Rarawa me Ngāpuhi I te taha o tōku pāpā nō Waima me Whangapē ahau I te taha o tōku māmā nō Pamiti Airani me Niue ahau Ko Stasia Wharepouri tōku ingoa

Paul O’Shea - teaser image

Paul O’Shea »

Paul O’Shea is excited to be helping achieve the vision of Kiwis for kiwi as the events and account manager

Morgan Cox - teaser image

Morgan Cox »

Morgan Cox’s role with The Kiwi Trust aims to strengthen the role tāngata whenua play in kiwi conservation in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Clea Gardiner - teaser image

Clea Gardiner »

Clea Gardiner's role with the The Kiwi Trust is firmly focused on supporting Northland community-led kiwi projects based on private land

Michelle Bird - teaser image

Michelle Bird »

Born in NZ but growing up in Canada, Michelle's return to NZ in her early 20’s. Her first encounter with kiwi in Northland cemented her love for the birds

Ora Barlow - teaser image

Ora Barlow »

Mai i Taumata o Apanui ki Pōtaka Ko Whanokao te maunga Ko Mōtū te awa Ko Apanui te tangata Ko Te Whānau-a-Apanui te iwi Ko Ora Barlow ahau, nō Te Kaha

Ross Halpin - teaser image

Ross Halpin »

During a couple of decades of sponsorship and major events work, Ross has been lucky enough to work with Michelle, Paul and the trustees of Kiwis for kiwi on multiple of occasions.