Claire Travers has successfully hatched more kiwi chicks than any other human in the world and not surprisingly it has its origins in a fascination for nature, the environment and working with animals from a very early age.

Claire Travers - Header Image

Jumping out of bed at 3 years old to climb into her gumboots (wellies where she comes from) she would watch the cows being milked and help feed the calves on a nearby farm in the Yorkshire Dales.  She went on to study agriculture in the UK and moved to New Zealand in the “Eighties” to go beef and sheep farming. It wasn’t until the late nineties that she took the side step out of agriculture and into conservation.  She is now lending her expertise to Kiwis for kiwi.

Claire Travers successfully headed up the husbandry team at Kiwi Encounter for 18 years.  Under her leadership, the facility has grown to become the leader in kiwi husbandry, setting the standards and helping to train and educate other staff and field workers throughout the country.

In her time as Husbandry Manager at Kiwi Encounter more than 2000 kiwi eggs, collected from the wild, were successfully incubated and hatched.

Her passion for and love of kiwi has seen her fail at her attempt to retire, and has since joined the Kiwis for kiwi’s team as a part time contractor, ready to lend her expertise and experience to kiwi husbandry staff across the North Island who will be incubating more and more kiwi eggs as Kiwis for kiwi ramps up the work to stock predator-free kōhanga sites using Operation Nest Egg.

When she’s not hatching our fluffy national bird out of their shells, Claire can be found on the ski fields here, or overseas or on the beach at Ohope where she shares a home with her partner and two dogs.