Kiwis for kiwi is the only national charity dedicated to protecting kiwi. We do this by bringing people together who are passionate about making sure our national icon survives for generations to come.

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Our funding supports on-the-ground kiwi projects led by community groups, iwi, hapū and whānau groups, engaging in conservation work in kiwi habitats, as well as research institutions and captive facilities.

We are an independent trust, joined by thousands of New Zealanders who have dedicated more than 20 years to helping save kiwi.

By providing nationwide leadership and support via a national partnership with the Department of Conservation, we aim to protect kiwi and their natural habitat, and ensure the species flourish for generations to come.

To that end, we allocate funding to hands-on kiwi projects, raises sponsorship dollars, increase public awareness about the plight of kiwi and work alongside kiwi experts to provide resources, advice and best practice guidance to all those working to save New Zealand’s national bird.

In this partnership, we support the national Kiwi Recovery Programme by helping to support more than 100 volunteer-based community-led and Maori-led groups

Our goal is to reverse the decline of kiwi and see a rise in their numbers nationally and every part of our programme is geared towards achieving this vision. We are on the cusp of turning the decline around, and if we are to do this, we need to engage the support of New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses.

We are calling on everyone to join our mission and support this vital work; inspiring all New Zealanders to be Kiwis for kiwi.

You can read about our exciting plans for the next five years in our investment strategy Target 2: Working with New Zealanders to grow kiwi populations”.

You can find out more about the work that we fund here .

If you’re a business interested in partnering with us, please visit our corporate partners’ page here .

And if you’d like to make a donation to help protect kiwi, thank you. You can do so here .