A formal accreditation system for handling kiwi is in place to ensure that current best practice is being followed and the welfare of kiwi is the top priority when they are being handled in any way.

The Kiwi Recovery Group maintains a register of accredited handlers and trainers.  Accredited handlers and trainers are certified to carry out certain tasks or to train others in those tasks.

To be added to the register of accredited handlers, and applicant can only be trained by an accredited trainer.  The minimum standards for each competency (e.g. handling, measurements, transmitter attachment etc.) are outlined in the current Best Practice Manual.

The trainer will then need to submit the application form to the Kiwi Recovery Group through kiwihandler@doc.govt.nz.

Each year, people on the register must advise the Kiwi Recovery Group of the approximate number of kiwi that they have manipulated under each of the competencies they are endorsed to do. Refreshers are also required if the accredited handlers have not carried out the endorsed task(s) for five years.  The annual skill log/report allows the experience of a handler to be logged not only in number of years, but in number of kiwi as well.  It will also trigger a reminder for when refreshers are due.  If an annual report is not submitted, the handler will be listed as Expired until a report is provided.

Experienced handlers who have performed various tasks the stipulated minimum number of

times can also apply to the Kiwi Recovery Group to become endorsed as an accredited trainer for particular tasks.