Late last year, BNZ ran a competition for all their customers who held a Kiwi eftpos card. The lucky winner was Dianne Phillips from Wellington. Dianne’s prize included flights, accommodation in Picton and a trip out to Motuara Island to release several kiwi chicks from our most recent season.

Sarah and I were up early on Monday morning to meet the enthusiastic winners of this great prize at the wharf in Picton. We gave them a quick safety brief before heading on our way. The Marlborough weather was as good as ever as we departed Picton and the early morning heat promised a scorching hot day.

On the trip out we got to know Dianne, her daughter and two grandkids and told them a bit about the project and what we do in our jobs. The ride out was a little rough, however we managed to get the birds out of their boxes and get some of the transmitters applied before getting to the island. Our crew were naturals and dealt easily with the young kiwis kicking and scratching while Sarah and I applied their transmitters.

When we arrived at motuara we ferried the birds to a terrace halfway up the island before Dianne and her family had the chance to release them into their new homes. From here we took them on a quick tour of the island and relayed some of the local history before heading back to the wharf for their pickup.

We got some great feedback and it felt amazing to give Dianne and her family some memories to treasure for years to come.

After the success of this trip we plan to do it all over again this year so get into your local BNZ and sign up for a Kiwi eftpos card and next time it could be you exploring Motuara with us.