Thanks to the support of people like you, and the efforts of our incredible kiwi conservation groups all over New Zealand, together we can achieve our goal and take kiwi from endangered to everywhere.

But there’s still a long way to go for them to thrive and we need your help to get there.

Your donation will help hatch and raise kiwi chicks in safety, increase kiwi populations, and protect wild kiwi habitat.

You’ll be helping take kiwi from endangered to everywhere. Thank you

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Fiordland rata forests

$100 – Protect one kiwi

$100 could provide predator control over 10ha for an entire year – enough to protect a kiwi.

Cat trap

$50 – Keep predators away

Predators like stoats and ferrets can be devastating to a kiwi population. Your donation of $50 could help buy and set up a trap to keep them away from our precious birds.

egg transport

$75 – Eggstra security

Kiwi eggs and chicks are precious. $75 could help us purchase vital equipment like chilly bins and transport boxes to make sure that they reach their destination safely..

$300 – Help a chick hatch

$300 could cover our contribution towards the costs of hatching a chick in a secure facility to give it the best start in life.

Gallipoli tx change July 2014 credit Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust

$350 – Buy a transmitter

Keeping track of adult kiwi to find out when they lay an egg is the essential first step of making sure their chicks are hatched in safety. $350 could buy a transmitter to help us do this.

Kiwi egg

$1,200 – Find a superstar parent

An incredible donation of $1,200 will help us track down the wild kiwi who will be parents to the future superstars of kiwi conservation. Your support will be helping to set up founder populations in kōhanga, which will supply kiwi back into the wild for many years to come.