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What funds invested will contribute to:

The maximum donations that can be assessed within your application are:

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Kiwis for kiwi will utilise your donation to support our work across the country. There are two key areas for the application of funds received:

  1. Off-setting Operational Costs: As we implement our Reverse the Decline Strategy we will need to apply funds in a number of areas. These include People (training and development of field staff), Predator Control, Technology & Equipment, Facilities, Education, Transportation, Dogs, Kōhanga operational costs, etc.
  2. Endowment Fund: Central to the Reverse the Decline Strategy is a model that is similar to an endowment fund, i.e. the establishment, and protection, of a principal sum and the ongoing utilisation of the interest accrued. In the event that you wish to gift an amount of $1,000,000 or more, we would like to discuss creation of an endowment fund so that your gift may provide ongoing support in perpetuity.

Some examples of what your investment can achieve are:

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