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Please note: Registrations are now closed for this year’s Candling Course

We will be running a one-day field practitioner courses on the 14th of October

This candling workshop is specifically for the practical aspects of kiwi egg candling and how to safely transport kiwi egg from the field. This course will be run over one day and is open to anyone working with kiwi in the field. (or with other species where candling / egg lifts are involved – only if space allows).

The two day ex-situ practitioners course will take place over 17th – 18th of October

This two-day workshop is specifically designed for those people working with kiwi in facilities that participate in the Operation Nest Egg programme. With this course focusing on both the practical and theoretical aspects of kiwi egg candling, kiwi embryo development and hatching. This course will provide participants with an understanding of how to candle, incubate and hatch kiwi, as well as troubleshoot potential issues that may arise throughout that process. Due to the intensive and practical nature of the course, the workshop is restricted to a maximum of 25 participants.

All courses will take place at Braeside Resort, 4 Barnard Road (across the road from Rainbow Springs), Rotorua

The team at Braeside are providing all attendees who wish to stay on-site with discounted rates

  • Studio and one bedroom no spa $115.00
  • Studio and one bedroom with spa $130.00
  • Two bedroom no spa ( 1 to 4 pax) $165.00
  • Two bedroom with spa (1 to 4 pax) $185.00

Just please make sure that you book through them by emailing  braeside@braesiderotorua.co.nz

This initiative is part of the Kiwis for kiwi Operation Nest EggTM Programme.

All courses will be conducted by Claire Travers (Kiwis for kiwi) and Emma Bean (National Kiwi Hatchery of Aotearoa).

We request that you bring your own mag-light torch along to the course as we will practice egg candling under ‘field conditions’.