The kiwi injured in a possum trap a month ago was released at Opato in the Waioeka Gorge near Gisborne last week

East Coast kiwi returns home - Header Image

The kiwi was released in a Punga forested gully and hung around for a few minutes sniffing the ground and ignoring staff then disappeared into nearby punga fronds.

“The juvenile female North Island brown kiwi recovered well from a month’s hospital treatment received at Wildbase Hospital and was ready to go home” says Department of Conservation (DOC), Partnership Manager, Awhina White.

“It’s a miracle it had survived so long in the wild with the threat of predators. Very few juveniles make it to adulthood but this is a good news story and it’s great to be able to return her home.”

“Our thanks go to the vets at Wildbase Hospital who rely on donations to enable them to do the work with native wildlife” says Ms White.

We wish the kiwi well and hope she finds a mate to boost the East Coast population.

The public are reminded if they find injured wildlife to contact the DOC 24 hour Hotline 0800 362 468.