Earlier this month 17 BNZ staff members and our own Executive Director, Michelle Impey, stepped into the ring for the first time to raise money for Kiwis for kiwi.

The event was organised by BNZ staff member Daniel Strang, who wanted to help raise money for kiwi. He says most people don’t realise that 95 per cent of kiwi are killed in the wild.

“Kiwi are fighting for their life every day in the wild, under siege from stoats, dogs, wild cats, rats and loss of habitat. If we don’t do something now, we’ll lose kiwi from our forests in our lifetime.”

A buoyant crowd of over 250 filled the Auckland Boxing Arena to cheer on friends, family and colleagues as they entered the boxing ring.

More than $20,000 was raised for through the event, with proceeds going to support BNZ Operation Nest Egg. Operation Nest Egg involves rescuing kiwi eggs from the wild, incubating them in a captive facility and rearing the chicks in a predator-free environment until they are large enough to protect themselves against predators.

Mr Strang, dubbed the unofficial ‘Don King’ of BNZ, says he is incredibly proud of the 18 fighters who took to the ring, and he could not be happier with the result.

“To raise over 20,000 dollars for the BNZ Operation Nest Egg programme was a huge success. The boxers absolutely made the event, putting in months of training and fundraising leading up to the big night. All I did was get everyone there – they’re the ones that put on the show,” he says.

The funds raised through this event will ensure another 17 precious kiwi chicks will survive their vulnerable first year of life. Kiwi live 50-60 years and can lay up to 100 eggs in their lifetime, so every egg saved represents hundreds of future kiwi.

You can help support the cause by donating on the Fight for kiwi Fundraise Online fundraising page.