Kiwis for kiwi has recently received calls from a number of concerned citizens regarding fundraising telephone calls

People haven’t been clear about who is asking for their support and they have asked whether it was us. We can confirm that we are not undertaking any telephone fundraising campaigns at this time and that these phone calls are not from us.

We have checked with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and they have confirmed that they are also not involved.

If you have concerns about any phone calls that you receive, we would suggest the following:

  • Ask the caller where they are calling from. If you don’t catch the name the first time, ask again. If it is a legitimate fundraising call, the caller should be proud to tell you where they are calling from and how you can help their cause.
  • If someone calls asking for donations and you haven’t heard of the charity, ask if they have a registered charity number. You can then check on the Charities Services register ( Please note, you will need to include ‘CC’ as part of the registration number. For example, to look up The Kiwi Trust (our trading name is Kiwis for kiwi), you need to use ‘CC47976’.
  • You could also ask them for a website address to look up, ask them to call back at a later date and do some research on their website if you are interested in their cause but would like a little more assurance. If, having looked at the website you’re still not sure that the person who called was from the organisation they said they were, contact the charity directly to ask.
  • If you are not satisfied that the person calling is legitimate, do not, under any circumstances, give them any of your details.
  • If you are still concerned and think that the call may be fraudulent, contact your local police..

If you ever have any questions about Kiwis for kiwi’s activities, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 09 307 4814 or send an email to