Inaugural Great Kiwi Morning Tea: 16 October 2015

Iconic kiwi treats take centre stage - Header Image

Lamingtons, sausage rolls and chocolate caramel slice will take on new meaning on 16 October – they’ll be helping save kiwi from extinction.

The inaugural Great Kiwi Morning Tea is being held on 16th October to raise critical funds to continue the work of protecting kiwi and their habitat.

Kiwis for kiwi, the national charity that supports community-led kiwi conservation projects, is calling for New Zealanders to get together at school, at work, with friends, neighbours or family to share a traditional Kiwi morning tea and collect donations.

People wanting to host a morning tea can register at and receive a pack of recipes, invitations, interesting kiwi facts, a poster and more.

While Friday 16 October is the dedicated morning tea day nationally, participants are encouraged to choose an alternative time or day if it better suits them, like an evening BBQ.

Every $100 raised is enough to protect a kiwi for an entire year. Funds will go towards predator control, research and monitoring programmes, kiwi avoidance training for dogs and Operation Nest Egg. This programme involves removing vulnerable kiwi eggs and young chicks from the wild until they are able to be safely returned without risk of predation.

Visit for more information about Save Kiwi Month and what you can do to help.