Kiwis for kiwi has launched a petition, encouraging Labour MP Trevor Mallard to throw his energy behind saving kiwi, not bringing back the moa.

The Labour Party has been in the media this week, following an announcement by MP Trevor Mallard at a Wainuiomata Business Development Breakfast that he would like to see moa once again roaming the Rimutaka Forest Park above Wainuiomata.

The has highlighted the far more serious issue of our national icon, the kiwi, being endangered, with 95% of kiwi chicks killed in the wild. In unprotected areas, kiwi are threatened by a myriad of threats, including predators such as stoats, possums, wild cats and dogs, and loss of habitat. At least 20% of kiwi need to survive in order for the population to grow. This means that if we do nothing, we could lose our kiwi from the mainland of New Zealand in our lifetime.

Help us highlight this important issue by signing our petition for Trevor Mallard, reminding him that there are plenty of endangered species still alive and kicking who could do with his support, rather than the Moa.

Our role at Kiwis for kiwi is to raise awareness and funds to support the outstanding efforts of the Department of Conservation and more than 80 community groups around our country who are doing the hard yards out in the field to protect our national icon, checking traps, listening for kiwi and building fences to help keep our kiwi safe.