Kiwi conservation is being brought to life by an education programme, supported by Contact Energy, for Taupo school children who are treated to an up-close-and-personal encounter with a kiwi.

May 2019: Students get in contact with kiwi - Header Image

After running a very successful pilot programme last year Contact is back on board to help deliver Kiwis for kiwi’s educational programme to more children.

It allows primary and intermediate school children to interact with kiwi chicks at the Wairakei sanctuary, near Taupo. Children generally get three opportunities to interact with the endangered birds – when they first arrive, during health checks and when they are released into predator protected areas.

The opportunity to come face to face with our iconic namesake is a huge thrill for the children. It not only educates them about our national treasure but helps establish a real connection with the issues facing our endangered birds. This is vital as the next generation will need to continue the hard work to save them from extinction.

The Kiwi Contact programme is part of the wider education initiative called Kiwi Forever, which is run throughout New Zealand.