This exciting opportunity is for one fortunate individual to be hands-on involved with the national kiwi recovery programme by monitoring kiwi chicks creched in a predator free environment as part of Operation Nest Egg.

Kiwis for kiwi™ is a national charity that raises funds to support community-led and iwi-led kiwi conservation projects across New Zealand.  We work in partnership with Department of Conservation to achieve our vision to take kiwi “from endangered to everywhere”. We aim to reverse the 2% decline of kiwi on the North Island by 2021, when we estimate the population will be growing by 2% per year.  We are now closer than ever to achieving that goal, but there is still much work to be done.

Wairakei Golf Santuary in Taupo is a world-renowned golf course enclosed by a predator-proof fence. It is a kiwi crèche for Western brown kiwi as part of Operation Nest Egg.  The kiwi live there for up to a year, growing to a stoat-safe weight before being released back to the wild.

Kiwis for kiwi is working closely with many organisations and individuals working to protect Western brown kiwi, to ensure that there are safe places for kiwi eggs and chicks to be reared before release to the wild.

A Kiwi Ranger is needed at Wairakei Golf and Sanctuary to monitor the kiwi chicks in the sanctuary.  This is a temporary, part time contracted role which for the right candidate could grow in both scope and responsibilities.

Purpose of Position

This role is responsible for monitoring the kiwi chicks being creched at Wairakei Golf and sanctuary, organising kiwi chicks being received into/released from the sanctuary, and liaising with local businesses and schools who support this initiative.

Responsibilities of the Position

(More specific objectives and key performance indicators will be included in an individual’s performance development plan.).

Position Title: Kiwi Ranger, Wairakei Golf and Sanctuary

Reports To: Executive Director, Kiwis for kiwi

Position Location: Taupo (or reasonable proximity)

Direct Reports:  Nil

Indirect Reports: Nil

Volunteer Reports: Nil

Term of role:  Six-month part time contract (to 30 September 2019).  Between 40-80 hours per month average, depending on number of chicks in sanctuary, though workload is expected to fluctuate through various stages.  Depending on use of creche and availability of chicks from the wild, this role will be extended for a further period of 12-24 months.

Start Date: April 2019 (flexible)

Key Tasks

  • Taking a lead role in coordination and delivery of kiwi chick monitoring, catching and health checks in Wairakei
  • Coordinating disease screening
  • Organising kiwi releases
  • In the event kiwi lose their transmitters, coordinating recapture
  • For the right candidate, the role could be expanded to include an advocacy/marketing component

Tasks & Responsibilities

  1. Field work – monitoring kiwi chicks
  • Monthly – catch kiwi, conduct health check and collect stool samples/send to Massey University for disease screening.
  • Weekly – transmitter signal checks (when on-site grounds keeper unable to do these)
  • Organise recapture of kiwi that my drop their transmitter and/or if transmitter fails
  • Helping with blackberry control may be an occasional task for the kiwi ranger.
  1. Managing kiwi entering/leaving sanctuary
  • Kiwi release events – planning and preparation.  Often there is an event to celebrate the kiwi leaving the sanctuary, with an opportunity for an invited small group to view the kiwi before it leaves, and/or at the site of release into the wild.
  1. Data management/Record keeping and reporting
    • Meticulous records must be kept of all data captured on kiwi health checks, locations etc.
  1. Stakeholder Management

Kiwi conservation involves many (many!) stakeholders, and communication with the people and organsiations with an interest in the kiwi at Wairakei is critical.

    • Communication and liaison with the following stakeholder groups (in no particular order) is a critical part of this role:
      • Iwi and hapu
      • Incubation centers
      • Kiwis for kiwi
      • DOC management and field teams
      • Source population site managers
      • Wairakei staff
      • Local conservation volunteer groups
  • A mechanism and schedule for reporting to all stakeholders will be developed and executed by the PM


Key Relationships


  • Kiwis for kiwi regional coordinator, Western region
  • Kiwis for kiwi Executive Director
  • Wairakei Golf Sanctuary staff/owner
  • Department of Conservation
  • Iwi


  • Kiwis for kiwi corporate supporter/s locally
  • Local schools

Qualifications, Experience, Skills and Knowledge

Preferred skills and experience.

The ideal candidate will possess strong field skills, especially with threatened species monitoring, ideally kiwi monitoring.  However, training will be provided as needed.

Essential skills and experience.
The successful candidate will:
  • Possess exceptional communication skills, both written and verbally.
  • Possess excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Be self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Be proficient at data entry and reporting writing skills
  • Possess the ability to work as part of a wider team, be easy going and get on well with a range of personality types.
  • Be relatively physically fit

Personal Attributes and Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Results driven
  • Ability to work on own initiative and be self driven

To apply for this role please send full CV, references and covering letter by 18 April 2019 to:

Michelle Impey, Executive Director, Kiwis for kiwi