It's kiwi breeding season and kiwi chicks need your help to survive.

Pair of breeding kiwi

Kiwi chicks are very vulnerable to predators until they reach about 1kg in weight. The best way to ensure that they survive that long is through Operation Nest Egg. This is the programme whereby we remove eggs (or sometimes young chicks) from the wild, incubate and hatch them in a specialist hatch facility, then keep the chicks in a predator-free environment until they’re big enough to defend themselves.

It’s the start of kiwi breeding season and kiwi are getting their nests ready and laying their eggs as you read this. Please help to protect vulnerable chicks by making a donation to Operation Nest Egg today.

By supporting Operation Nest Egg, you’re giving kiwi chicks a fighting chance to grow to adulthood and have chicks of their own. Without you, chicks that hatch in unprotected areas have little chance of survival.

Operation Nest Egg is a coordinated effort between community-, iwi-, hapū- and whānau-led kiwi conservation groups, hatch facilities, kiwi crèches and generous donors like you.

Much of the fieldwork is done by volunteers. You’ll often find them scrambling around in the bush in the middle of the night looking for kiwi or kiwi nests; they carefully transport the eggs to a dedicated hatch facility, often in their own vehicles at their own expense; and they dedicate hundreds of hours to protecting our precious native wildlife.

However, there are some things that have to be paid for, including incubators, hatchers, transmitters and specialist kiwi catching teams.

With you’re help, we’ll help make sure the community groups and hatch facilities have the tools they need to continue this life-saving work.

Please donate today to help keep kiwi chicks safe.

Thank you.