Workshops are a valuable opportunity for kiwi scientists, workers and volunteers to gather and share information, knowledge, experience and skills.

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National Kiwi Hui

Every year, a national hui brings professional experts and passionate amateurs together to share their stories and knowledge. Co-ordinated in partnership between the Department of Conservation and Kiwis for kiwi, the event is a chance for people to learn new skills and broaden their knowledge.

Participants come from community-led kiwi conservation groups, Landcare groups and the Landcare Trust, the Department of Conservation, universities, institutions involved in captive rearing, companies that manufacture animal pest control equipment, and Kiwis for kiwi.

Generating kiwi funding workshop

Chasing funding can be a large drain on time and energy for kiwi groups. This workshop looks at financial strategies, governance, funding, communications and marketing. The aim is to give groups the knowledge and skills to generate funding. We have held two highly successful workshops, one in 2007 and the other 2010. Contact if your group is interested in attending workshop in the future.

Egg candling for Operation Nest Egg™

Egg candling uses bright light to show a kiwi egg’s contents and reveal whether it’s alive, and the embryo’s stage of development.

There are two types of course – one for field practitioners and another for people working in ex-situ facilities . They teach how to use egg candling techniques, as well as how to handle and transport kiwi eggs safely. Courses are open to anyone working with kiwi, either in the field or in a captive environment. Numbers are limited to 25 participants.

A full-colour field guide outlining the different stages of kiwi embryo development complements the comprehensive study guide put together for the workshops.

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