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There are many different ways to get involved in saving kiwi - from donating your time, to donating your money, to making sure your pets don’t harm kiwi. Find your niche among the opportunities on offer - there’s a lot you can do to take action and help protect these special birds.

Find out how you can help to save kiwi

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Volunteer »

Volunteers are the heart of community-led kiwi conservation. Join now.

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Fundraise »

Be inspired by the many creative ways to raise money for kiwi conservation.

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Shop for kiwi »

Kiwi friendly gift ideas which help support some of the community groups around the country

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Hunters »

How you hunt can save kiwis’ lives. Be kiwi safe.

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Farmers »

Find out what you can do to protect any kiwi living on your land.

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Pet owners »

Family pets can kill kiwi—here’s what you can do to keep kiwi safe.

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Forest owners »

Find out what you can do to protect kiwi living in your forest.

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Schools »

Kiwis for kiwi has created resources for teachers and students to explore and learn about New Zealand’s national bird, the kiwi.