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Kiwis for kiwi - Fundraise

Working to save kiwi is inspiring, challenging, rewarding and fun.

It also costs money—for traps and baits; for research; to build a predator-proof fence for a kiwi créche; perhaps to employ a contract trapper; to run workshops to share kiwi conservation skills—the list is long.

The Kiwi Trust’s number one priority is to raise more money to support on-the-ground kiwi conservation projects and we’re appealing to individuals, communities and corporate sponsors to help achieve that goal.

Take the lead

Helpful online resources abound for anyone inspired to take the lead in fundraising for kiwi. One is the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand —a professional body for fundraisers and organisations involved with New Zealand charities and not-for-profits.

Simple fundraising ideas include:

EveryDay Hero

Everyday Hero provides a safe and secure way to raise money for kiwi, and  Kiwis for kiwi has set up a dedicated page for donations.

Anyone can create a fundraising page to support kiwi conservation—it’s easy to set up a personalised page and choose Kiwis for kiwi as your charity of choice.

If you tell us about it, we will promote your event through our online newsletter, Kiwi calling.

What your donation may buy

$30 Buys one trap and trap box

$50 A kiwi health check

$75 Train one dog to avoid kiwi

$100 Protect one kiwi for an entire year

$1,200 Fund one year in the life of an Operation Nest Egg chick

$2,500 Buy one receiver to pick up transponder signals