How hunters and possum trappers go about their business can save a kiwi’s life.

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Hunting with dogs in places where wild kiwi live is very dangerous for the birds. Dogs are a serious threat to adult kiwi as they find their smell irresistable and easily crush them in their mouths.

What hunters can do

  • Ask the Department of Conservation (DOC) if wild kiwi live where you plan to hunt.
  • Report any kiwi sign you see or hear.
  • Have all your hunting dogs trained to avoid kiwi.
  • Ensure all hunting dogs are obedient and never roam unattended.
  • Report any lost or roaming dogs to the nearest DOC Area Office as soon as possible.
  • Limit hunting parties to a maximum of three dogs.
  • Do not hunt at night in places where wild kiwi live.
  • Do not leave dogs behind when you leave the bush.
  • Use short range finders.

Possum trappers

Possum hunters help protect native forests and animals from possum damage and disease. However, some of the techniques used to kill possums can also kill kiwi.

What possum hunters can do

  • Talk with DOC or regional council staff about kiwi-safe ways to set traps.
  • Avoid using leg hold traps, if possible. If you use them, set leg hold traps at least 70-centimetres off the ground, well out of reach of kiwi.
  • Place all cyanide baits at least 70-centimetres off the ground.
  • Remove skinned possum carcasses if possible, so wild cats and stoats are not attracted to an area where kiwi chicks might live.