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Kiwis for kiwi - Great Kiwi Morning Tea

The Great Kiwi Morning Tea returns for 2017 and this year is bigger and better than ever! To celebrate the release of Kuwi’s Kitchen for this year’s Save Kiwi Month, Kuwi the Kiwi is joining us for the Great Kiwi Morning Tea.

That means we have some fun and delicious Kuwi-themed treats as recipe ideas and great Kuwi the Kiwi prizes up for grabs.

Please join us to make this the best Great Kiwi Morning Tea ever and help raise money to support kiwi conservation projects across the country. Every dollar raised will help realise the vision of taking kiwi from endangered to everywhere. You can find out more about why your support is so important here.

It’s really easy to get involved. Just register here, invite your friends, family or colleagues to your event, bake up a storm and have fun!

The official date for the Great Kiwi Morning Tea is Friday 27th October but you can hold your event whenever is convenient for you and, if you’d rather do something other than a morning tea, that’s fine too! If you have any wonderful, weird or wacky ideas, let us know on the registration form as we’d love to share your inspiring event with others

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thank you so much for joining us and Kuwi the Kiwi in helping to protect our precious national icon.

You can have a look at what went on during last year’s event in our facebook album.