Kiwi chick

We’re Kiwis for kiwi

Together we can save our national icon

When we say ‘we’re Kiwis for kiwi’, we mean you too. That’s what Kiwis for kiwi stands for – New Zealanders from all walks of life doing their bit to save kiwi. Because kiwi really need our help.

With humans arriving in Aotearoa came dogs, cats, rats, stoats, possums and other pests and predators that can kill kiwi. Because of our actions, kiwi numbers fell from millions a couple of hundred years ago to around 68,000 today. But just as we’ve been responsible for their decline, we can be responsible for their comeback.

Working with DOC, community- and iwi-led kiwi conservation groups and amazing supporters like you, Kiwis for kiwi is working towards an ambitious target of reversing the decline of kiwi populations and helping them increase by 2% every year. That means that instead of losing around 27 kiwi per week, which we have been doing in the past few years, we’ll be gaining around 27 kiwi per week.

We can only do this with everyone coming together to do what they can to protect our precious national bird. That’s why donors like you are so important – your generosity helps fund the work that will keep kiwi safe. You’re helping lift vulnerable kiwi eggs and chicks from the wild and raise them in captivity until they’re old enough to defend themselves; you’re helping create and maintain safe kiwi habitat by supporting pest and predator control programmes so that those chicks have somewhere to live when they’re old enough; and you’re helping educate about the threats to kiwi and what everyone can do to protect them.

By all coming together and doing what we can, we know that the future of kiwi will be secure. Thank you so much for being a kiwi hero.