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Not sure about something? Hopefully these FAQs will help.

If you still have questions, get in touch with the Kiwis for kiwi team at

Do I have to hold my event on Thursday 31st October?

No. October is Save Kiwi Month so it would be great if you could hold your event sometime during the month but if Thursday 31st doesn’t work for you, it’s fine to choose another day.

Do I have to hold a Morning Tea?

No again. We know Kiwis like a good morning tea which is why we made that the focus of our campaign. However, if you’d rather hold a barbeque, or get dressed up and have a cocktail evening…or whatever else you’d like to do…that’s absolutely fine.

I know it’s a fundraiser but I’m not sure how to ask people for money or how much to ask for.

There are a couple of ways to approach this and it kind of depends on who you are inviting as to what will work best. You could either charge a fixed fee to attend your event, say $10 or $20, or you could ask people to make a donation of their choice.

Alternatively, you could price your food individually and get people to buy things that way.

Or you could even direct people to our donation page and ask them to make a donation there prior to the event (ask them to include your supporter number in the comments field, which will be included in your registration email so that we know it was because of your event).

As long as you’re clear in your invitation that you’re organising a fundraising event, people will be expecting to be asked to donate so don’t be shy!

Do I have to bake everything myself?

Not at all. If life’s too hectic and you’re happy to buy some goodies to share with people, that’s absolutely fine. If you are doing the cooking, please read up on food safety here: