Cats just look like they sleep all the time. Domestic cats wearing radio transmitters have been tracked, and were found to roam up to 20 kilometres from home.

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Wild or abandoned cats are a particular threat to kiwi, especially young chicks.

What cat owners can do

The best solution is the simplest—if you live near wild kiwi, give your cat to someone who doesn’t.

If that isn’t possible, other things you can do are:

  • Keep your cat inside at night.
  • Put a bell collar around its neck.
  • Make sure your cat is well fed and has moving toys to play—it will be less inclined to chase birds.
  • Have your cat neutered or spayed so it can’t produce unwanted kittens.
  • When your cat dies, don’t replace it.

 Issues with wild cats

Designs for a live-catch capture trap, for humanely catching wild cats can be found here. Please note that you must check live capture traps daily.