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Kiwis for kiwi - Quest for Kiwi

We’ve been working hard to update our kiwi distribution maps to show where kiwi are present (and absent), but we need the help of all New Zealanders to join the Quest for Kiwi and to add further kiwi points on our maps. This will help us understand where we need to direct efforts to protect them.

If you’ve heard or seen signs of kiwi, please upload your observation on our NatureWatch project page.

How do I know if I’ve heard or seen signs of kiwi?

There are many ways to identify kiwi – from their calls, feathers, probe holes, burrows, poo or footprints. Take your smartphone or camera with you so that you can record the evidence, then upload it to this page. This will help us (and others) to verify your sighting so that we make sure we get things right. If you are lucky enough to see a kiwi, please try to minimise disturbance to the bird. For yours and the kiwi’s safety, please do not attempt to catch or hold it. A photo or video of the kiwi is proof enough.

We welcome everyone from experts to novice to join in. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for or listening for, visit these pages on our website.

Kiwi calls

Kiwi signs

If you think you’ve seen or heard a kiwi, please add your observation on the NatureWatch page here.

Are you an expert?

If you are a kiwi or bird expert then please help us verify the observations that get uploaded!

We are especially keen to know if kiwi are present or absent (if you go out listening and don’t hear anything, please let us know!) in the areas of interest identified on the distribution map above, but records from any part of New Zealand would be welcome.

Thanks for getting involved

We hope you enjoy your time in nature getting to know your national icon, and thank you for participating in the Quest for Kiwi!

Quest for Kiwi is a joint initiative between DOC, Kiwis for kiwi and NatureWatch NZ.