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A comprehensive environmental education teaching resource packed full of fun and educational activities aligned with Levels 1 - 4 of the New Zealand Curriculum

Kiwi Forever is a must-have environmental education resource for any year 1-8 teachers and homeschoolers with an interest in sustainable schools, and teaching New Zealand curriculum subjects using principles of Environmental Education for Sustainability (EEfS). Using kiwi as the overarching theme, students will learn about, in, from and for the environment while covering a range of NZ Curriculum subjects.

What is Environmental Education for Sustainability (EEfS)?

EEfS is a national strategy for environmental education, which aims to equip New Zealanders – especially children and young people – with the the knowledge, skills and motivation to tackle environmental issues.

Kiwi Forever – a flexible environmental education resource

Teachers and homeschoolers can choose to teach the whole resource or use specific sections to support lesson plans. There are seven chapters in total, each focusing on a particular aspect to do with kiwi

Each chapter is accompanied by lots of fun activities, including many that focus on getting students out of the classroom and learning in nature. Activities are adaptable for schools in any environment. Please click to enlarge the image below for an example.

Great for homeschooling too

Kiwi Forever is free to everyone, including teachers and those teaching in home school situations.  Activities are adaptable for both schools and home schools in any environment. Please click to enlarge the images below for some examples.

Kiwi Forever is a digital resource and we will be introducing new sections and activities over time. To get your copy and be included on our list for updates, please register below.