Join LEARNZ on a virtual field trip to see kiwi conservation in action from lifted egg to free adult

LEARNZ field trip – see kiwi conservation in action from lifted egg to free adult - Header Image

This Kiwi field trip will see you actively involved in the process of saving the North Island brown kiwi! You will travel deep into the Karioi Rahui Forest to lift an egg from a kiwi nest. Then you will carefully transport it all the way to the kiwi incubation facility and hatchery at Rainbow Springs’ Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua.

At Rainbow Springs you will get to see how kiwi are raised in captivity and grown to full size within a predator-free enclosure. Finally you will give a kiwi juvenile a final health check at Wairakei golf course and sanctuary before releasing it back into the Tongariro Forest to fend for itself and hopefully produce offspring of its own.

With whiskers like a cat, a sense of smell like a dog and feathers like fur, our kiwi is a unique bird! But with an average of 27 killed each week by predators, our kiwi is under serious threat of extinction. During this field trip you will work alongside DOC staff and the team at New Zealand’s largest kiwi hatching facility, to help save the North Island brown kiwi.

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