Looking for volunteer work with kiwi? Join the growing numbers of Kiwis for kiwi by becoming a kiwi conservation volunteer, and help save NZ’s iconic national bird from extinction.

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Volunteers are the heart of many kiwi conservation projects. The time, expertise and energy pledged by volunteers are vital to help Kiwis for kiwi achieve our goals.

If you’re keen on volunteering to help save kiwi, read on to find out what volunteer work opportunities are available throughout New Zealand. Kiwi are under threat everywhere, so there’s bound to be a volunteering opportunity near you.

Volunteer work opportunities with kiwi

Some volunteers join formal kiwi conservation projects led by the Department of Conservation (DOC) and other agencies; while others put energy into community-driven projects.

Community conservation volunteer work

Community-led kiwi conservation programmes are underway throughout New Zealand, with most supported by The Kiwi Trust (the trust behind Kiwis for kiwi).

There are opportunities to volunteer and help save kiwi near Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and all over New Zealand. Get detailed information about the community volunteer programmes happening near you here.

If you live near wild kiwi that are not being managed and want to volunteer to help, you could set up a community kiwi care group.

More conservation and environmental volunteering opportunities are available through the New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers.

DOC volunteer work

Each year DOC has a range of conservation volunteer opportunities throughout the country, and some – like the one below – provide the chance to do volunteer work with kiwi.

Department of Conservation Haast Biodiversity team is looking for 1–2 volunteers for 6 months to assist them with the 2019/20 field season. The role will focus on monitoring the wild population of Haast tokoeka kiwi. 

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