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Kiwis for kiwi - What we do

The top priority is to increase The Kiwi Trust’s income so that we can fund more on-the-ground kiwi work and keep providing practical support and tools for community kiwi projects.

A one-stop shop

One thing we do is provide everything you need or want to know about kiwi—from information on how to donate money, set up a project, or monitor kiwi calls, to ideas for bringing kiwi into classrooms to inspire young minds.

We’re also the top source of factual information about these fascinating birds.

You can find out about kiwi research and how we’re improving key recovery tools, such as Operation Nest Egg and Kohunga Kiwi, where young birds live safely until big enough to better defend themselves against predators.

And you can find out about our training for dogs, a major killer of adult kiwi. The training teaches the dogs to leave kiwi alone.

It’s also all about people

We couldn’t do what we do to save kiwi if it wasn’t for people’s generosity with donations—both from corporate New Zealand and individual Kiwis.

We value our partnership—we are Kiwis in this together.

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