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Kiwis for kiwi is proud to have allocated more than $500,000 to community-led and Māori-led kiwi protection projects across Aotearoa this year. In many cases, this funding is going to support their on going work to protect kiwi in their community.

Additional funding will be invested this year as we implement our national five year strategy, announced February 2017.
This funding is available in large part from the Save our Iconic Kiwi fund from Central Government and also from individual donors and corporate supporters.

You can view a table of the 2017/2018 allocations here


Organisation Project Species Purpose Grant
Kiwis for kiwi & Department of Conservation National Kiwi Hui National The national kiwi hui is held on an annual basis and is co-funded by Kiwis for kiwi and the Department of Conservation. These hui are an opportunity for kiwi conservationists to learn from experts in various fields, network and be immersed in all things kiwi for two days. $7,000
Wildbase, Massey University Evaluation of toltrazuril efficacy against coccidiosis in kiwi This is important research looking in to the treatment and management of disease issues with kiwi
Kiwi Encounter The National Kiwi Trust The National Kiwi Trust operates Kiwi Encounter onsite at Rainbow Springs in Rotorua. The facility is purpose built for incubation, hatching and raising of kiwi chicks. This funding is to support their usual operations and can be used in whichever they deem most appropriate and beneficial.
Project Kiwi Trust Project Kiwi Trust - Kuaotunu Peninsula Coromandel Brown Project Kiwi Trust has been managing kiwi conservation on the Kuaotunu Peninsula, just 15 minutes north of Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula since 1996. In 2016 the Trust celebrated its 20th year, the first kiwi conservation initiative in the world to celebrate this milestone. The funding provided this year is to support their project manager and call count survey.
Whenuakiwi Trust t/a Whenuakite Kiwi Care Group Fund Operations Manager& Track Maintenance Whenuakite Kiwi Care Group has been operating since the year 2000 on 2600 ha of private land and 930 ha of Public Conservation land. Undertaking predator control targeting all introduced predators. Funding provided this year will support a operations manager and track maintenance. $15,455
Moehau Environment Group MEG Kiwi Sanctuary Moehau Environment Group undertakes landscape-scale mustelid trapping in 9,910ha of kiwi habitat, primarily on private land. The funding provided this year is to support the project. $32,216
Mahakirau Forest Estate Society Incorporated (MFESI) Mahakirau Forest Estate (MFE) - Step Change Stoat Programme 2018 Mahakirau Forest Estate has sustainably undertaken pest control continuously since 2001, focused initially on mustelid and possum, and evolving this to include rats in 2007. The funding provided this year is to support this predator control work. $10,000
Kapowai Kiwi Group Pest control - mustelids Kapowai Kiwi Group objective is to continue the predator work that has taken place over the past 12 years to help create a predator free habitat conducive to the successful breeding and population growth of kiwi and all native flora and fauna in the Kapowai Valley Catchment. Funding provided this year is to support that goal.
Thames Coast Kiwi Care TCKC expansion project Thames Coast Kiwi Care works in partnership with private land owners and DOC to oversee an extensive trapping program targeting mustelids for kiwi protection along the Thames Coast and inwards towards the central Coromandel range. The funding provided this year will contribute towards predator control, administration and health and safety. $15,000
Whinray Ecological Charitable Trust Whinray Kiwi Recovery Project Eastern Brown The Whinray Eco Trust has been managing Eastern North Island brown kiwi within the Motu Ecological District since 1999, both within the Whinray Scenic Reserve and on private farmland. During this time the Whinray kiwi population has increased from approximately 8 individuals in 1999 to c.50 individuals (inc juveniles) in 2017. This funding is a contribution to that work. $5,000
ECOED (Environment Conservation and Outdoor Education Trust) Save Our Kiwi Hawke's Bay ECOED "Save Our Kiwi Hawke's Bay" programme aims to continue to increase the North Island Brown kiwi population in the Kaweka Forest Park. Funding provided will go towards supporting that mission. $20,000
Whakatane Kiwi Trust Whakatane Kiwi Project The Whakatāne Kiwi Trust promotes, supports and manages community based biodiversity projects in the Whakatāne area to facilitate the growth of sustainable populations of kiwi and other indigenous species. Funding provided this year is to support that work. $ 22,000
Omataroa Rangitaiki No2 Charitable Trust Omataroa Kiwi Project Omataroa occupies a 7,777 ha area consisting of approximately 7100 ha of exotic production forest, and a further 546 hectares of indigenous forest. It is Maori Trust land with 7000 shareholders. The funding provided this year is to support their predator control work. The funding is to support the expansion of their trapping network.

Kiwiscentric Passive monitoring of kiwi in the Paparoa Range Great Spotted This funding is to support this great spotted kiwi monitoring plan . $26,000
The Paparoa Wildlife Trust Paparoa roroa Project The funding is to support your project specifically for ongoing predator control and call count monitoring/avoidance training, and juvenile monitoring.
Kerikeri - Puketotara Landcare Group Kerikeri - Puketotara Catchment CPCA - Mustelid Trapping Northland Brown Puketotara Kiwicare Group began in 2012 covering 1800 ha, it is now known Kerikeri-Puketotara Catchment CPCA covering a total 5,743 ha. They provide an Integrated Pest Management Plan to protect an estimated 280-300 kiwi. This funding is to support their trapping programme. $8,208
Puketi Forest Trust Oho Mai Puketi – Kiwi Recovery In the 13.5 years since the Puketi Forest Trust was established they have set up ten trap-lines to control stoats and feral cats on 5,500 hectares in Puketi Forest and one in the 82 hectare Puketi Scenic Reserve. This funding is to support their predator control work this year and planning for a future toxin pulse.
Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum – Backyard Kiwi (WHLF-BYK), Bream Head Conservation Trust (BHCT), Tutukaka Landcare Coalition (TLC), Tanekaha CPCA (TCPCA) and Pataua North Landcare (PNL). Whangarei Kiwi Corridor Kiwis for Kiwi ONE release programme for community engagement Three community-led Northland brown kiwi strongholds (WHLF -Backyard Kiwi, Tutukaka Landcare Coalition, and the Bream Head Conservation Trust) continue to work together to coordinate a joint ONE programme. This funding is to support their Operation Nest Egg programme.
Friends of Matakohe Limestone Island Whangarei Kiwi Corridor Kiwis for Kiwi ONE release programme for community engagement Matakohe-Limestone Island is a 38 hectare restoration island located in the upper Whangarei Harbour. Te Parawhau have mana whenua over the island It has been managed as a community project by the Friends of Matakohe - Limestone Island Society (FOMLI) for over 20 years, and been a kiwi creche for over 10 year. The funding is for trap maintenance, kiwi transfers, bait, buffer trapping and for buffer trapping boat costs.
Tanekaha CPCA Tanekaha CPCA The Tanekaha CPCA has been actively undertaking pest control since Sept 2012. The area includes 750ha of pasture, native and exotic forest/bush. The funding is for trapping labour and quad mileage with the objective of providing a buffer for the Whangārei kiwi sanctuary.
Waimate North Landcare Trust Inc Waimate North Landcare Predator Control Programme By widespread pest and predator control, community engagement and education and volunteer efforts, Waimate North Landcare Trust strives to promote and facilitate the preservation of all classes of natural ecosystems in an area of 9400 ha located in the Waitangi River catchment in the Bay of Islands. This funding is to support their trap checks. $ 21,168
Blue Orb Charitable Trust Kiwi Life Predator Control Kiwi Life is an iwi/community-led collaborative initiative with the aim of establishing a financially self-sustaining environmental/cultural education facility and restoration venture to inspire a greater connection to biodiversity through educational experiences to raise awareness of social, cultural and ecological values of kiwi and other taonga. The funding is to support their project as per their funding application, including funds of $742 for this year and next year for the purchase of traps and boxes for Bland Bay CPCA.
$ 4,305
Kaipara Forest Conservation Trust Help For Houto Kaipara Forest Conservation Trust was set up initially to control pest species in the Southern Houto Forest and then to expand into the Northern Houto Forest. However pre trapping monitoring discovered a previously unknown small remnant population of kiwi within both forests and on surrounding farmland. This funding is to support their predator control and travel expenses.
Russell Landcare Trust Russell Kiwi Protection This funding is to support Russell Landcare Trust's predator control work.
Te Puke Ki Waitangi Kaitiaki Taonga Trust Iwi Kiwi Iwi kiwi aims to coordinate all efforts to help kiwis within our area of action and to provide a vehicle for funding and economic and social development. This funding is to support their pest control. $4,200
Hupara District Landcare Group Incorporated Kiwis for kiwi Funding Application 2017 This funding is to support Hupara District Landcare Group Incorporated's predator control work.
Tawapou Farm Tawapou Kiwi Tawapou is a 124ha property been in the family since the mid 1960’s. Some fenced for nearly 50 years. 94% is covenanted with QEII. With pest control carried out over 35 years. The funding is for avoidance training ($330) for two years, and $1500 for 1080 in 2018/19 year.
QEII National Trust Sandy Bay Kiwi The Sandy Bay Kiwi project has grown from a predator control project (2005) within an initial cluster of QEII covenants to a wider landscape scale project within the Sandy Bay catchment and hinterland(c. 640ha). The funding is to support their trap costs and avoidance training. $4598
Waipoua Forest Trust Kiwi Recovery in the Millennium Kauri Forest The Waipoua Forest Trust was established in 1998 with the intent of protecting, promoting and restoring the kauri forest on the boundaries of the Waipoua Kauri Forest. This funding is to support their predator control work.
Kaitiaki Kiwi Kaitiaki Kiwi & Te Toa Whenua predator management collaboration Kaitiaki Kiwi is an established iwi/community initiative focused on creating and maintaining a core protection area for kiwi in the Waipoua Forest. Te Toa Whenua is an iwi-led (Te Roroa) restoration project covering an area of 900ha along the lower catchment of the Waipoua River. This funding is to support their predator control work.
Tutukaka Landcare Coalition Tutukaka Landcare Coalition kiwi monitoring and trapping operation This funding is to support their kiwi monitoring programme.
Wekaweka Landcare Group Wekaweka Kiwi for Keeps The Wekaweka Landcare Group has previously maintained 2 core areas which support kiwi (200 ha each) in the upper reaches of the Waimamaku river catchment. This funding is to support their predator control work.
Honeymoon Valley Landcare Trust Honeymoon Valley Loop track The Honeymoon Valley Landcare trust plans to extend its integrated predator management program from 500 ha to 2800 ha of the significant natural areas at the headwaters of the Peria river (of which 272 ha is QEII covenanted). This funding is to support their predator control work.
Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust Rowi reintroduction project - Return of Rowi to the Nelson region Rowi A community-based charitable trust establishing a pest-free sanctuary in Nelson for the recovery of threatened species. The sanctuary is envisioned as a place for people to engage with their natural heritage, share in its conservation, & undertake education, training & research. The funding is a small contribution towards the administration/coordination of the project.
Stewart Island Rakiura Community & Environment Trust Stewart Island Tokoeka Advocacy and Protection Tokoeka This funding is to support Stewart Island Rakiura Community & Environment Trust's predator control work.
East Taranaki Environment Trust Purangi Kiwi Project Western Brown East Taranaki Environment Trust aims to work towards a long term vision of 1,000 pair by 2020. Their landscape size project has 13,000 hectares under predator control, with a network of 1300 DOC-200 traps. This funding is to support that predator control work.
Tiaki Te Mauri O Parininihi Trust The Parininihi Project The Tiaki te Mauri O Parininihi Trust has been established to guide and manage the protection of land that was returned to Ngati Tama Iwi (tangata whenua/kaitiaki of Parininihi) in North Taranaki as part of the treaty settlement with the Crown in 2003. This is the only iwi-led conservation project of its kind in Taranaki with the aim to fully protect the 1867 hectare area of rich coastal forest at Parininihi. This funding is to support track maintenance.
$ 25,650
TKKR -Taranaki Kiwi Trust & Rotokare SRT TKKR - kōhanga - dog survey, post harvest monitoring & boosting founders This funding is to contribute to monitoring equipment and transmitters, with and any leftover to support coordination. $15,000
Whakamanu Wildlife Trust Manunui Operation Nest Egg Manunui is a privately owned native forest reserve with QEII Covenant at 100ha, surrounded by a further 255ha of privately owned native forest, bordered by Waimarino Exotic Forest. The funding is to support the purchase of telemetry gear.
$ 2,247
Taranaki Kiwi Trust TKT - Trust Manager and kiwi monitoring This funding is to support your project manager. Kiwis for kiwi recognise that it is necessary to have skilled people in key roles and there is a willingness to engage on a large scale, which we hope will be successful with a skilled manager in place.
Total Funding Allocated $538,299

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Kiwis for kiwi is proud to have allocated more than $500,000 to community-led and Māori-led kiwi protection projects across Aotearoa this year