Kiwis for kiwi primary purpose is the distribution of income from its trust fund to support kiwi conservation.

Rotokare Scenic Reserve

This conservation work can take the form of some or all of the following charitable purposes:

  • To encourage and undertake the preservation and protection of all species of kiwi
  • To provide inspiration, guidance and tools to enable New Zealanders to protect and enhance regional populations of kiwi
  • To support research that benefits kiwi especially, but not exclusively, in the areas of bird management, predator control, eco-system management and breeding
  • To educate the general public about kiwi and how to support kiwi conservation projects
  • To encourage public support of, and involvement in, such projects
  • To assist and co-operate with persons and organisations sharing similar aims

Kiwis for kiwi will give priority to financially supporting kiwi conservation and restoration initiatives, which:

  • Directly support the objectives of Kiwis for kiwi to:
    • increase the overall kiwi population
    • increase the number of places kiwi live
    • maintain the kiwi’s genetic diversity
  • Address and support Kiwi Recovery Plan objectives as expressed through the Kiwi Recovery Group
  • Maximise the conservation outcomes for kiwi, including research, fieldwork, advocacy and education
  • Result in the formulation and dissemination of kiwi conservation ‘best practice’ resources and methodologies
  • Engage communities and foster long-term community support and ownership of kiwi conservation actions