Successful applicants sign up to The Kiwi Trust’s terms and conditions, which are included a formal ‘Letter of Agreement’.

Terms and conditions - Header Image

The terms and conditions are:

  1. The funding provided may only be applied to the project specified within the funding application and approved by The Kiwi Trust (trading as Kiwis for kiwi).
  2. The funded project must be referred to, both verbally and in writing, as an initiative being carried out in association with Kiwis for kiwi.
  3. The funding period is from July 1st through to June 30th the following year. The funded work must occur within this time period.
  4. The support of Kiwis for kiwi must be acknowledged in all appropriate organisational publications, including, but not limited to: annual reports, website pages, brochures and any other publications where a list of sponsors, donors and/or supporters could be reasonably expected to appear.
  5. If required by the Trust, the funded organisation will display appropriate signs in association with the project, detailing the support of the Trust and the project’s association with Kiwis for kiwi. Any such signs will be provided by the Trust at the Trust’s expense.
  6. The funded organisation will provide reasonable access to the project as requested by the Trust’s executive director, Trustees and/or regional coordinators.
  7. Kiwis for kiwi may, in consultation with the funded organisation, organise media and/or other official events at the project site. Kiwis for kiwi may also, from time-to-time and in consultation with the funded organisation, issue media releases about the project.
  8. Kiwis for kiwi will pay the full amount granted to the funded organisation on or before 30 September 2021.
  9. The funded organisation will provide to Kiwis for kiwi an interim progress report on the project no later than 9th April in the financial year for which funding is provided, and a final report no later than 30th July at the conclusion of the the financial year for which funding was provided.
  10. Projects undertaking pest and predator control will be required to provide data from call count monitoring (minimum six sites) on a biennial basis (every two years).
  11. Projects will be required to have a Health and Safety plan. This is one of the requirements from our funder.