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Some work being done is hands-on and operational—perhaps building a predator-proof fence or setting traps to kill predators. Other work may be research in the field to learn more about kiwi behaviour or research in the laboratory to find out more about kiwi genetics.

Some work takes precious eggs and chicks from the wild, and nurtures them in safe places until they can better protect themselves from stoats and other predators.
We also train dogs to avoid kiwi. Much of the work that is done is by communities, iwi and hapū, who together protect hundreds of thousands of hectares so that kiwi can survive and flourish.

All the work that Kiwis for kiwi’s funds is to help our partner the Department of Conservation to meet the goals set out in the National Kiwi Recovery Plan. Over the next ten years, the main focus of the plan is to grow each kiwi species and subspecies population by 2% per year.

Our investment strategy identifies an incredible opportunity for community-led conservation projects to contribute to this goal.  Our number one mandate is to raise the funds to support their work.

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