Advocacy and education are key activities for The Kiwi Trust. We raise awareness of the kiwi’s plight to inspire people to take action, and we let people know what action they can take.

The Kiwi Trust’s people

The Kiwi Trust’s staff and contractors provide advice and support by mentoring communities, networking between groups, and sharing ideas, knowledge and best practices.

Advocacy tools

One of the most powerful advocacy tools is Operation Nest Egg, because it allows people to be close to and handle kiwi, which captures their hearts.

Its power was demonstrated in the early 1990s, when politicians met the first ever rowi chick hatched in captivity in Hokitika. Researchers remember how that simple experience gave the politicians an appreciation of how vital Operation Nest Egg was to the species’ survival, and helped win the funding they needed.

To see what we mean, watch our YouTube channel to see a kiwi chick hatching.

Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about protecting kiwi is on the one-stop-shop: ‘How to Save Kiwi’. Its information includes how to make sure your dog is not a kiwi killer.

As well, on this website is a collection of the best resources and information available to support people working to help save kiwi—from practical tips on how to set a pig trap, to links to best practice guidelines, to how to manage a plantation forest so that kiwi aren’t killed or injured, to protecting kiwi habitat. You’ll find links to them all here.