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2002/03 breeding season: the first third-generation egg is laid. The chick’s grandfather was one of the original Operation Nest Egg chicks hatched at Auckland Zoo.

2007: Kiwi Encounter hatches its 500th chick, and Auckland Zoo its 150th.

2007: Great spotted kiwi come into the Operation Nest Egg programme. Little spotted kiwi are the only one of the five formally recognised kiwi species not involved.

2008: In February the 1000th Operation Nest Egg chick hatches at Kiwi Encounter, and is named Hūpai. Sadly, Hūpai died in her second year.

In Hawke’s Bay, the 100th eastern brown kiwi chick was hatched and released by the Environment, Conservation and Outdoor Education Trust.

2010: Operation Nest Egg chicks are used to establish new populations of Haast tokoeka  on Coal Island (Fiordland) and in a new 300-hectare kōhanga kiwi near Dunedin, the Orokonui Ecosanctuary.

2010: Twenty rowi are released into the northern part of Ōkārito forest to expand the existing population within the Ōkārito Kiwi Sanctuary. It has helped the rowi population increase 100%.

The future

A husbandry manual is being developed to help ensure Operation Nest Egg remains a useful tool. It will include:

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