Operation Nest Egg has passed many milestones since it was formally adopted as a kiwi recovery tool in 1995.

2002/03 breeding season: the first third-generation egg is laid. The chick’s grandfather was one of the original Operation Nest Egg chicks hatched at Auckland Zoo.

2007: Kiwi Encounter hatches its 500th chick, and Auckland Zoo its 150th.

2008: In February the 1000th Operation Nest Egg chick hatches at Kiwi Encounter, and is named Hūpai. Sadly, Hūpai died in her second year.

2010: Operation Nest Egg chicks are used to establish new populations of Haast tokoeka  on Coal Island (Fiordland) and in a new 300-hectare kōhanga kiwi near Dunedin, the Orokonui Ecosanctuary.

2010: Twenty rowi are released into the northern part of Ōkārito forest to expand the existing population within the Ōkārito Kiwi Sanctuary. It has helped the rowi population increase 100%.

2012: Release of Tutaki and Matariki into Otanewainuku by the then Gov. General Sir Jerry Mateparae.

2015: Auckland Zoo hatched and released their 300th chick.

2015: Kiwi Encounter celebrated 20 years of Operatation Nest Egg, on 25th Dec Mighty Dash hatched, who was the 1500th chick to hatch at the facility.

2017: First kiwi released as part of our national kōhanga strategy on to Motutapu Island.

2018: Auckland Zoo hatches their 360th chick which also happens to be the first to hatch at the start of Save Kiwi Month that year.

2018: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex named two kiwi, Tihei and Koha , during their visit to National Kiwi Hatchery of Aotearoa (formally know as Kiwi Encounter)

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