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In 1991, when the kiwi’s decline was first recognised, we knew very little. Since then, surveys and monitoring, research, and the development of new technologies have created a large array of information and tools. Today, the biggest leap forward in kiwi recovery is expected to come from new technologies that make predator control over large areas more effective and affordable.

Who is doing it?

Kiwi research brings together diverse collaborators—including universities, zoos, private companies, the Department of Conservation, Landcare Research and many community-led kiwi projects.
This cooperation has led to great innovations, such as new technologies to help field workers know exactly when eggs and chicks are ready to be collected for Operation Nest Egg.

Setting priorities

It is important to identify the most pressing needs for research—to make sure time and effort is invested in the right places. The Kiwi Recovery Plan 2008–2018 has three research goals:

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