We’re working with community-led kiwi conservation groups, iwi, DOC, landowners, businesses and Kiwis across the country to increase kiwi populations by 2% per year. Here you can read about what we’re doing, how we got here, and how it’s all progressing.

The Programme

Stage One - Stocking kōhanga

Catching wild kiwi Icon
Step one:

Catching wild kiwi

The first step is to find wild kiwi and attach transmitters.

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Monitoring kiwi Icon
Step two:

Monitoring kiwi

Next, we monitor the kiwi to determine when they have laid eggs.

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Lifting the eggs Icon
Step three:

Lifting the eggs

We lift eggs from the nest and take them to a secure hatching facility.

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Incubating and hatching the eggs Icon
Step four:

Incubating and hatching the eggs

The egg is incubated, the chick hatches and is monitored until it can feed independently.

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Relocating chicks to kōhanga Icon
Step five:

Relocating chicks to kōhanga

Chicks are given a new home at a secure kōhanga.

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Stage Two - Returning kiwi to the wild

Establishing a permanent population Icon
Step one:

Establishing a permanent population

Chicks grow up, creating the founder population for the kōhanga.

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Translocating kiwi back to the wild Icon
Step two:

Translocating kiwi back to the wild

Juvenile offspring of the founder population are relocated back to the wild.

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