Kiwi chick being held in two hands

Our Saving the Kiwi strategy is based on 20+ years kiwi conservation work, scientific expertise and the availability of an incredible network of community- and Māori-led kiwi conservation groups.

It’s an exciting time for kiwi conservation, with significant advances over the past few years, and a proven strategy for a sustainable future. But we’re not there yet – to ensure that kiwi populations have the opportunity to grow, we need to continue the hard work. Read on to find out more about the why, the how and the who of Saving the Kiwi.

Why? - teaser image

Why? »

Find out why a change in strategy was needed to not just maintain but to increase kiwi numbers.

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Who? »

Get to know some of the extraordinary people from across the country who are working hard to protect kiwi.

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How? »

Here's how we're combining years of experience, a new twist on an established programme, and the latest scientific information.