For over 20 years, we’ve been working with community-led kiwi conservation groups and iwi to protect kiwi and create safe habitat for them.

Bay Bush Action

When we started, kiwi numbers were estimated to be declining at about 4% per year and we were in danger of losing our national icon within our lifetime. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of thousands of volunteers and the generosity of thousands of donors, kiwi reached a turning point. The rate of decline had significantly reduced and, in some heavily managed areas, numbers are even increasing.

Although there have been significant wins for kiwi, they’re not out of danger yet. All species of kiwi are still categorised as ‘threatened’ or ‘at risk’, apart from little spotted kiwi, which is recovering. Their future relies on the continued intensive management of habitat and breeding programmes. If we stopped what we were doing, their numbers would likely swiftly decline as predator numbers increased.

The Saving the Kiwi strategy is the next leap forward in kiwi conservation. Using the expertise and resources that have been built up, we are shifting the focus from just halting the decline of kiwi to increasing their numbers by using an extended version of ONE™. The full strategy was released in 2017 and can be seen here. The work is being reviewed and amended as we go so it is subject to change.