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Kiwis for kiwi - Auckland

Kiwi species

At Tawharanui, they are working to help save the brown kiwi – specifically the form known as Northland brown kiwi. From 2009, Motuihe will have little spotted kiwi.

Kiwi sanctuaries and mainland islands

Two of the five kiwi sanctuaries managed by the Department of Conservation are close to Auckland – near to Whangarei and on Coromandel Peninsula.

The closest of the Department’s six mainland islands is Trounson Kauri Park, where introduced pests are intensively managed to help protect Northland brown kiwi.

Seeing kiwi

In Auckland, captive kiwi can be seen at Auckland Zoo.

The nearest places you may see wild kiwi are on the above mentioned islands and restoration projects as well as Tiritiri Matangi Island in the Hauraki Gulf, and the Aroha Island Ecological Centre in Kerikeri.