Te Kauae o Maui (TKOM) Nature Reserve lies on the west coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, about 2.5 km south of Colville Village.

TKOM is owned by 11 individuals and covers approximately 97 hectares of native forest.

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It is the centre piece of the “Umangawha Kiwi Site” which encompasses 7 landowners, spanning about 362 hectares and a variety of habitats.The “Umangawha Kiwi Site” was classed ‘a kiwi hot spot’ by Sid Marsh in 1995. Three other surveys, conducted in 2005, 2010 and 2014, confirm his findings.

Our vision is to create a unique sanctuary which is abundant with native flora and fauna.A male kiwi and its offspring were monitored for four years as part of the Moehau Kiwi Sanctuaries efforts to understand and protect the species in a more effective way.Kaka are heard and seen daily and at night roost on one of the centre ridges.  Kereru, morepork, bellbirds and tui are abundant, as are a lot of other small forest birds.The streams are pristine and undisturbed, creating the ideal habitat for native frogs, fish and eels. Skinks and geckos can be spotted sunbathing.A wide variety of insects, native bees and invertebrates also call TKOM their home.Our vision is to create a unique sanctuary which is abundant with native flora and fauna. We try to use renewable and biodegradable resources when possible. And use poisons as a last resort.

What is the size of area under protection?


What has been the biggest success of your group to date?

Staying a kiwi hotspot (as quoted by Sid Marsh in the early ’90’s), even though other places with kiwi further south on the Coromandel have nearly lost their entire kiwi population over the last twenty year
What is the biggest challenge facing your organisation at present

There are a few challenges we are currently facing?

In the forest, German wasps and pigs (plus poaching pig hunters & pig dogs) would be the biggest challenge. Being an environmental organisation consisting of 11 landowners brings its own challenges, namely the lack of interest, support and commitment from fellow landowners, creating frustration and resentment on both sides.

Of course sufficient funding to get all the jobs done is always a big challenge.

Group Contacts

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ph 0211727583 (Nicole)