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Kiwis for kiwi - Nelson

This site introduces two of those community groups:

Kiwi species

The two Friends groups work to help save great spotted kiwi.

Kiwi sanctuaries and mainland islands

Of the five kiwi sanctuaries managed by the Department of Conservation, the one closest to the Nelson is at Okarito.

One of the Department’s six mainland islands is the centre of the Friends of Rotoiti’s work – Rotoiti mainland island. Mainland islands are places where introduced pests are intensively managed to help protect kiwi.

Seeing kiwi

The nearest opportunities to to see captive kiwi are in Hokitika (the National Kiwi Centre) and Christchurch (Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and Orana Park).

The nearest opportunity to possibly see wild kiwi is in the Okarito kiwi sanctuary, on the West Coast.

You may also see kiwi if you volunteer to help the Friends groups in their work.