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Kiwis for kiwi - Northland

Kiwi species

These groups are working to help save the brown kiwi – specifically the form known as Northland brown kiwi.

Kiwi sanctuaries and mainland islands

Northland has one of the five kiwi sanctuaries managed by the Department of Conservation – near Whangarei.

It also has one of the Department’s six mainland islands – Trounson Kauri Park – where introduced pests are intensively managed to help protect Northland brown kiwi.

Kiwi Distribution

Care of the Department of Conservation Whangarei office we have GIS mapping of kiwi estimated densities throughout Northland. That map can be viewed here.

Seeing kiwi

In Northland, captive kiwi can be seen at the Nocturnal Park, Kaitaia, and at Whangarei Museum, Whangarei.

You may be able to see wild kiwi during a tour at Trounson Kauri Park or the Aroha Island Ecological Centre in Kerikeri. Or if you volunteer to help the local kiwi groups.