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In the Wellington region, two community-led kiwi groups are under way.

This site introduces one of those community groups:

Remutaka Conservation Trust

Kiwi species

The Remutaka Conservation Trust is working to help save the brown kiwi – specifically the forms known as eastern and western brown kiwi.

Kiwi sanctuaries and mainland islands

Of the five kiwi sanctuaries managed by the Department of Conservation, the one closest to the Wellington is at Tongariro.

The Department also manages six mainland islands where introduced pests are intensively managed to help protect native species. The nearest mainland island with kiwi is Boundary Stream, in Hawke’s Bay.

Seeing kiwi

The closest places to see captive kiwi are at Wellington Zoo, the Nga Manu Trust, Waikanae, and the Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre, in the Wairarapa.

The nearest opportunity to see wild kiwi is in Zealandia, in Wellington city.

You may also see kiwi if you volunteer to help the Remutaka Conservation Trust.

Remutaka Forest Park Trust - teaser image

Remutaka Forest Park Trust »

The Remutaka Forest Park Trust has a team volunteers who help with predator trapping, distance monitoring of the kiwi and caring for the birds.