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Kiwis for kiwi - Kiwi Recovery Group

It began as a small group of research and operational experts—people more likely to be out in the field saving kiwi than sitting in a meeting room talking about it.

Today the Kiwi Recovery Group is a multi-agency team, less of a doer—more of a coordinator and enabler—and very strategic. The change in how the Kiwi Recovery Group works recognises that:

DOC continues to administer the Kiwi Recovery Group.

The Kiwi Recovery Plan 2008–2018

An important part of the Kiwi Recover Group’s work has been developing the 10-year Kiwi Recovery Plan 2008–2018. The Plan has national goals, objectives, issues and actions for kiwi, so that everyone working with the birds has a clear understanding of what needs to happen.

Recent advice and information about the Kiwi Recovery Group is available in its newsletter.

Here are the members of the Kiwi Recovery Group