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The Kiwi Recovery Group was established by the Department of Conservation (DOC) in 1991 to provide high quality technical advice to people working to save kiwi.

It began as a small group of research and operational experts—people more likely to be out in the field saving kiwi than sitting in a meeting room talking about it.

Today the Kiwi Recovery Group is a multi-agency team, less of a doer—more of a coordinator and enabler—and very strategic. The change in how the Kiwi Recovery Group works recognises that:

  • much expertise about kiwi ecology and their management needs now sits outside DOC
  • because many more people are involved in saving kiwi, networking is vital to share best practices and make sure efforts are coordinated and complementary
  • with a lot more happening to save kiwi, clear strategies are needed about where to focus efforts, and where to encourage innovation and research.

DOC continues to administer the Kiwi Recovery Group.

The Kiwi Recovery Plan 2008–2018

An important part of the Kiwi Recover Group’s work has been developing the 10-year Kiwi Recovery Plan 2008–2018. The Plan has national goals, objectives, issues and actions for kiwi, so that everyone working with the birds has a clear understanding of what needs to happen.

Recent advice and information about the Kiwi Recovery Group is available in its newsletter.

Here are the members of the Kiwi Recovery Group

Kevin Hackwell - teaser image

Kevin Hackwell »

In 1993, the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society, a non-government conservation organisation, joined with the Department of Conservation and Bank of New Zealand to found the Kiwi Recovery Trust.

Rogan Colbourne - teaser image

Rogan Colbourne »

Rogan Colbourne is a full-time kiwi researcher with the Department of Conservation, national co-ordinator for Operation Nest Egg™, and a member of the Kiwi Recovery Group.

Todd Jenkinson - teaser image

Todd Jenkinson »

Todd has been working in the zoo industry since 1999. Since starting his career at the Kiwi Birdlife Park in Queenstown, Todd has held keeper, supervisor and management roles in both New Zealand and Australia including both urban and open range zoos/wildlife parks, as well as with private and government organisations.

Jess Scrimgeour - teaser image

Jess Scrimgeour »

"Of all the species I've worked with, there is no other like kiwi to inspire people to work together to achieve conservation."

Arapata Reuben - teaser image

Arapata Reuben »

Arapata is a long-term protector of the environment and manager of the Whakapapa Unit for Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu

Dr Isabel Castro - teaser image

Dr Isabel Castro »

Isabel is a leading researcher working out of Massey university

Craig Gillies - teaser image

Craig Gillies »

Craig is a predator ecologist for the Department of Conservation

Tamsin Ward-Smith - teaser image

Tamsin Ward-Smith »

Eastern brown kiwi coordinator for Kiwis for Kiwi Trust, Tamsin, feels privileged to be able to work every day with kiwi in some way or another.

Hugh Robertson - teaser image

Hugh Robertson »

Armed with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Massey University, a doctorate from Oxford Hugh Robertson joined the Department of Conservation as a scientist for the Wellington Conservancy in 1989.

Joe Harawira - teaser image

Joe Harawira »

Joe Harawira is a member of Department of Conservation’s Kahui Kura Taiao network.