"Of all the species I've worked with, there is no other like kiwi to inspire people to work together to achieve conservation."https://www.kiwisforkiwi.org/what-we-do/who-are-kiwis-for-kiwi/kiwi-recovery-group/

Why Kiwi:

Kiwi act as the flagship for many other threatened species, and by protecting them and getting others engaged with kiwi recovery, we can have a much wider conservation impact for other species, as well as ecosystems.

High Point:

The announcement that kiwi recovery has received a boost in funding for the next 4 years.

Low Point:

When ferrets first showed up in Tongariro Forest in 2009, they started killing adult kiwi, some of which we had monitored for years. They killed 24 adults over the space of 2.5 years, with the reactive trapping being largely unsuccessful in stopping the killing spree.  It wasn’t until we had an aerial 1080 operation that the problem became manageable.

Thoughts for the future:

The efforts and commitment from everyone doing kiwi conservation just seems to keep growing, despite the ongoing challenges of maintaining an effective predator control network, finding funding, volunteers etc.  I’m looking forward to seeing how big this can go!